Betfred Goals Galore

Betfred Goals Galore

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Betfred Goals Galore is a football bet that has completely snowballed in popularity over the last 4 years or so. Uniquely designed as a bet to keep punters interested and excited by the full 90 minutes of a football match, this bet has been copied by a whole host of bookmakers, but there’s nothing like winning a Betfred Goals Galore free bet coupon! Here we will explain everything you need to know about Betfred Goals Galore.

What is Betfred Goals Galore?

Goals Galore is the brand name for the Betfred version of the both teams to score bet. The aim of this bet is to choose a match (or number of matches) in which you think both teams will score a goal. The actual score of the match is unimportant, as is who wins. All you are looking for with Goals Galore is that both teams in every match you select score at least 1 goal.

Why bet on Goals Galore?

If you’ve ever bet on a football accumulator you will probably be familiar with the following scenario: You place your 6-fold accumulator for Saturday afternoons football action. You can’t wait to settle down at 3.00pm to watch Gillette Soccer Saturday and the live scores roll in. Your most confident selection this weekend is Liverpool to beat Southampton at Anfield. An absolute banker. However, 10 minutes into the game Ricky Lambert pops up and bags a goal, making it 1-0 to the visitors. Still time you say. And then thud! Saints go 2 -0 up on the half hour mark. Just half an hour in and your accumulator is doomed.

Liverpool come back into the game and grab a 92nd minute leveller to make it 2-2, but that doesn’t help you. If you’ have been on Goals Galore though this match would’ve been a winner long ago.

Goals Galore keeps you with live hopes of winning for the whole 90 minutes. The worst possible scoreline for this bet is a 0-0 draw, but how often do those really happen? If a game is 0-0 with 20 minutes to go there’s still plenty of time for both teams to score that all important goal.

This is exactly what the punter loves. No more tearing up your slip after 30 minutes.. This one takes you right to the final whistle!

Betfred Goals Galore Rules & Coupon

The Goals Galore Bonus coupon is a shorter version of the normal Goals Galore coupon which features hand selected matches which Betfred feel may be harder to predict. While the list of matches is shorter, Betfred do reward you more if you manage to pick a winning accumulator.

If you look at the table below you will see the difference in the odds on offer between both coupons. 4 correct predictions on the standard coupon pays 11/2, whereas you’ll get paid 9/1 for the same number of selections on the bonus coupon. It may well be slightly harder to predict, but the financial rewards are there!

How many selections can I make?

It depends entirely on how much you hope to win. On the Betfred Goals Galore Coupon you can select anywhere between 3 and 15 games; paying 3/1 for 3 correct predictions right the way up to 1350/1 for 15 correct predictions. Your destiny is entirely in your own hands!

Here is the odds table for Betfred’s Goals Galore Coupon:

Betfred Goals Galore odds table
The Long List is the odds for the standard Goals Galore Coupon, however you will see the bigger odds available for the Bonus List. The bonus list has bigger odds because the matches placed on this coupon are hand selected by Betfred to be a little tougher to predict. But as we all know, football is a funny old game, and goals are the aim of the game, so it is well worth having a go on the hugely inflated Bonus Coupon.

So what are you waiting for? Sign in to Betfred and get start winning with the Goals Galore bet!

Online Offer: Free Betfred Goals Galore coupon, available at