Betting on Team Goals

Betting on Team Goals

Total goalsBetting on team goals is a fantastic alternative to more traditional bets like a home win, draw, or away win as you are not actually backing a team to win the game, you are simply betting on the team in question to score a minimum number of goals.

The team goals bet can be particularly good when you have doubts about a teams defensive qualities, but are very confident that their strikers have what it takes to score plenty of goals. Most bookmakers offer this bet, but some are much better than others, which we will go on to explain.

So what is the bet?

Team goals is just that. You are betting on one team to score a minimum amount of goals in a game. It doesn’t matter how many they concede or whether they win lose or draw. They simply have to score a minimum number of goals for your bet to be successful. Most bookmakers offer these bets with a choice of how many goals you think will be scored:

  • over 0.5 team goals – Your selected team needs to score just 1 goal or more to win the bet
  • over 1.5 team goals – Your team needs to score 2 goals or more to win the bet
  • over 2.5 team goals – Your team needs to score 3 goals or more to win the bet

It obviously stands to reason that the over 0.5 team goals is the easiest to predict in general, but it also offers the most prohibitive odds. The over 0.5 team goals is particularly good if you think that a less fancied team will score a goal against a very strong favourite eg. Manchester United v Hull City. Hull would need to score just 1 goal for your bet to win.

Over 1.5 team goals is one of our favourite bets as it requires only 2 goals to be scored to be successful. In fairly evenly priced football games (eg. Fulham v Everton) the odds on over 1.5 team goals are very attractive, and when combined together to make an accumulator it can really pay off.

It goes without saying that over 2.5 team goals is fairly hard to predict and is best left to games where there is a heavy favourite that look like they will completely dominate their opponents and score plenty of goal in the process.

Where can I place this bet?

Almost all bookmakers offer this bet in high profile matches, but 888sport are one of the best as they offer this market on almost every football match, including once the game has kicked off and the match is inplay. The best way to find this betting market at most bookmakers is to click on the match in which you fancy the bet and then scroll through the different betting markets for that game. The market could be called ‘team goals’ or ‘team total goals’.