Betting Types Explained

Betting Types Explained

Goals Galore is the brand name for Betfred’s both teams to score coupon. You just select three football games or more, and the name of the game is that both teams from each game must score at least one goal.  So if you have three selections, then in total you have six teams, and all six teams have to score a goal. When they all do, then it’s Goals Galore, and of course you win. The more selections you choose, the better the payout odds.

Both teams to score

This bet is very similar to Goals Galore, in that the aim is for both teams to score, however depending on what bookmaker you do this type of bet with, you don’t always have to choose multiple games. You can sometimes do it on just one game as a single bet, or if you want, you can choose more and do it as a multiple bet, which obviously pays more, the choice is entirely yours.

Both teams not to score

Well, this one is again fairly straightforward, this time your betting on games where you are sure that no team in the game will score any goals. Much like the both teams to score bet, this type of bet can either be done on just one game as a single bet, or you can choose multiple games and do the bet as a multiple, it’s entirely up to you.

 Goal Crazy Coupons

Some bookmakers have a special Goal Crazy coupon, which is basically a specially chosen list of games, where again your betting on both teams scoring, these are usually relatively small lists, however the odds can be far more competitive, so they are certainly not to be overlooked.