Draw No Bet Betting on Football – Tricks of the Trade

Draw No Bet Betting on Football – Tricks of the Trade

Many people have stumbled across the draw no bet market when betting online, and in the most part it seems to be overlooked by the traditional punters who’d rather bet on a team to win outright; most often going for a short priced favourite. Draw no bet betting does exactly what it says on the tin. You choose a team to win, and if the match finishes a draw then you get your money back.

Betting on draw no bet requires you to be rather selective in order to take the value. By value I mean that the odds available for the bet indicate that the seam you pick actually has a better chance of winning than the price suggests. This is where I’m going to broaden your horizons when it comes to finding bets like this.

Getting value with Draw No Bet

There are a couple of ways of finding value when it comes to draw no bet. It can be found before a game has kicked off, or while the game is in play. I’ll go through both scenarios with instructions. Firstly, one of the main criteria of a draw no bet selection requires the odds  of both participating teams to be fairly similar.

For an example we’ll use a hypothetical game of Liverpool v Chelsea. Both teams will be a similar price to win the game, so we can more or less guarantee that the price for either side in the draw no bet market will be around 10/11 which is just under even money. These are the games you should look for to gain the best returns should your bet win (remember your stake is returned if the game finishes with a draw.

Here are some examples of what you should be doing to make sure you are getting value:

Betting on Draw No Bet Pre Kick-Off

So, you have two evenly priced teams taking eachother on. The first thing you want to do is find out as much information as you can about the players which are likely to start the match. Are there injuries? Is the captain out? Has there been a virus that’s gone through the team making a number of players unavailable. This is the kind of goldust information that needs to be collected.

Another thing. This won’t be as effective in big leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A etc. Reason being that bookmakers employ a number of traders to take account of these things and adjust odds accordingly. The rule to making this work is to step off the beaten track a little bit. How? I’m just about to let you know.

Google search is your best friend. As is Google translate. Almost every football team worldwide has a website, and very many also have forums which share a wealth of information about current team situations. Take note: A bookmakers trader will not put as much effort into finding information about smaller leagues. They will pretty much price up the match on the strength of what the league table shows. This is where you gain your edge.

Think Czech u21 games, think Hong Kong games, think non league football, think Latvian football. Bookies will not know as much as you if you put a little effort in. This is my bread and butter and I make regular longterm profits from doing exactly what I’ve written above.

Betting Draw No Bet Inplay

Betting inplay also gives you an edge. If the match is being streamed by your bookie then great, or you may be able to find a shady stream online. More and more bookies are now supplying the punter with inplay stats which show the ebb and flow of the game; recording attacks, dangerous attacks, shots on target and shots off target. It’s very easy to consult these statistics before the bookmakers have had time to react to what’s going on. If you aren’t currently betting inplay then you are missing a trick. Good money can be made with a little commitment and effort.

Combine pre kick off information with inplay information and you have the makings of a very solid bet indeed.

Where to place these bets?

Over the years I’ve built up a great knowledge of where the best places are to bet. These include the best places for live streaming, the best places for range of games, as well as the best places to take a decent sized bet. Here are the accounts you really need if you’re going to make good profits in the longterm:


Coral are a great bookies to bet with as they aren’t the fastest in the world at updating their odds inplay. Many other bookies react quicker to weight of money, meaning that you could land yourself some lovely juicy prices in the process.

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