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First or Anytime Goalscorer Betting Guide

Whether you’re a casual weekend punter or a more serious gambler, everyone loves betting on a goalscorer. Considering it only takes a second for a player to score a goal, it isn’t hard to see why!

Betting on goalscorers can be a great way to see your bankroll grow rapidly. Better still, instead of relying on 11 different players to put in a performance, you only need one man to do his job. Meanwhile, the fact you’re looking out for one individual makes watching the game a whole lot more exciting.

Here’s everything you need to know about betting on these markets.

First Goalscorer Betting

The most common form of goalscorer betting is to back a player to score the game’s first. Considering you could land odds of anywhere between 3/1 (Messi and Ronaldo aside) and 66/1 depending on player and fixture, it’s a very appealing market indeed.

This option is a firm favourite with fans that are watching the game, whether that be on TV or in the stands. Not only are the prices great, but the bet wins as soon as the goal is scored. You don’t have to rely on the team winning the game or any other factors. The profit is already secured.

We all know that some players love to play against certain opposition, and this is always a great thing to look out for when betting on this market. Meanwhile, you should be eager to look for a player that’s playing against a weakened or leaky defence.

If a game is likely to be tight, then you are much better going for the value of a first goalscorer over the anytime goalscorer market. After all, if there’s only one goal in the game then the first scorer bet will win by default.

The final tip that we can give you about this market is to look for promotions. Betfred often offer a Double Delight/Hat-Trick Heaven promotion on live Premier League matches. This means your odds will be doubled or trebled if your first goalscorer goes on to get more goals. Even if the odds are only 4/1, that extra injection is far too good to turn down!

Anytime Goalscorer Betting

The main problem with betting on the first goalscorer is that your bet could be dead within 10 seconds of the match starting. If you’re looking for something to keep you glued to the edge of your seat throughout the 90 minutes (assuming your player isn’t subbed) is to back the anytime scorer.

Rather than needing your player to open the scorer, he can find the net at any moment in the game. This means your bet will be alive even if the team are losing 5-0 with five minutes to play. Nothing else matters, if your selected player finds the target then you win.

Naturally, the odds are a lot lower but it can be a far better method if you’re expecting a team to score a few goals during the match. If you fancy a team to score four or five goals, for example, it seems almost inevitable that the striker will score at some stage.

Depending on the fixture, you could still get pretty decent odds for a striker to score. Meanwhile, selecting a defender should see you gain odds of at least 5/1 regardless of who the team is playing. It could also be worth keeping your eyes peeled for potential penalty takers, especially if the team Is due one – central midfielders are always a favourite.

Regardless of whether you’re going for a first goalscorer or anytime scorer, it’s always worth waiting for the team sheets. Aside from that, a little slice of good fortune wouldn’t go a miss either.

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