Ladbrokes Goal Rush

Ladbrokes Goal Rush

ladbrokes_250x250Now that the both teams to score phenomenon has spread like wildfire throughout the betting community, you can be sure to find a coupon at most bookmakers, and Ladbrokes is one of them. Their Goal Rush coupon is available every day of the week provided that there are football fixtures to be played on any given day. It most certainly pays to look around at different bookies before you place your bet, and Ladbrokes are a great option as their odds are always so competitive.

What is Goal Rush from Ladbrokes?

Goal Rush is Ladbrokes version of the both teams to score bet. They provide the punter with a daily coupon of all football fixtures, and then it’s your choice to select which games you think both teams will score in. The result of any game bears no significance.

All you require in each fixture that you choose is for both teams to score at least one goal. Ladbrokes give you odds on each individual game and it’s up to you how many selections you choose.. The more you pick the more you can win!

With Ladbrokes Goal Rush you can also choose matches in which you think both teams WILL NOT score. This doesn’t mean that the game has to end 0-0, it simply means that if you make a selection for both teams not to score a maximum of 1 team must not score a goal in that particular game. A 0-0 result is a winner, as is 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2 etc. As long as at least 1 team fails to score you are a winner. Here is an example of the Goal Rush coupon:

Ladbrokes Goal Rush Coupon

This is just a small part of the Goal Rush coupon but it gives a good image of how to make your selections.

As it says at the top of the image hit YES on a game in which you think both teams will score and hit NO on a game in which you think either team or no team will score. Each pick you make will be added to your bet slip. When you are happy with your bet enter the amount you would like to stake and then make the bet!

How many Goal Rush selections can you make?

This is totally down to you. Single bets are absolutely fine, as are accumulators of 4, 5, 6 or any number above for that matter. It goes without saying that the more games you pick to have goals from both teams, the harder it will be to get all selections correct… But if you do happen to get them all correct in a big accumulator you will be absolutely rolling in it!

How much does it cost to bet on Goal Rush?

Again, this is completely your choice. Anything from 50p to hundreds of pounds are accepted as a stake. Many people like to put a pet of a few pounds and choose around 6 or 7 selections to cheer on while watching Soccer Saturday on the TV or at the pub on a Saturday afternoon.

Where do I find the Goal Rush Coupon?

Firstly, sign into your Ladbrokes betting account. Then click on ‘sports’ which is located at the top left hand corner of your screen. Then click ‘football’ which is located on the left sidebar. This will reveal the Goal Rush coupon underneath it. Click on ‘Goal rush’ and you will then see the complete coupon.

What makes Goal Rush so exciting?

Goal rush is a fantastically exciting bet to place as you do not need any team to win in order to win your bet. How many times have you put on a football accumulator where you have chosen a number of teams to win only to find that one of your selections are 2-0 down within the first 15 minutes? Your accumulator is in effect dead in the water and all excitement is gone… With Goal Rush the excitement hasn’t even begun yet!

As we know, goals can be scored right up until the dying seconds of a game. As you aren’t looking for a team to win your bet is realistically alive right until the final whistle is blown… You may well find yourself cheering a team that is 5-0 down just because you need them to score a goal in order to win your Goal Rush bet.

This bet really isn’t over until it’s over so you are guaranteed to get a run for your money for the full 90 minutes. If you want to have a bet that offers fantastic returns for small stakes, and high level of excitement for the full 90 minutes then Goal Rush is the answer. We aren’t bothered who wins, we just want goals!

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