The 24 Hour Betting Curse – Retrain Your Brain

The 24 Hour Betting Curse – Retrain Your Brain

The 24 hour betting deadline curse.

This is the first of (hopefully) many tutorials and guides into the life of a gambler. Having made every mistake possible over the last 25 years of betting, I’m fortunate enough to have been able to get off the roller-coaster ride of punting and actually make it work in my favour.

Now, back to the title. The 24 hour betting curse. See if you can relate to this (I think you probably can). You wake up on a Saturday morning full of the joys of spring. There’s plenty of football to have a look at and bet on, the sun’s out and things couldn’t be better.

You have your first punt of the day. A BTTS treble of lunchtime kick offs. Bollocks, two teams failed to score. Never mind, on to the big kick off at 3.00pm.

You’ve got your win acca, another BTTS 5 fold, Kane to score the first goal for Spurs and you’ll do some inplay betting too. Shit, Liverpool are 2-0 down at half time, that puts paid to the win acca. Spurs didn’t even score the first goal so that’s another loser. Your BTTS acca has 3 0-0 game with 10 minutes to go and 3 of your inplay bets have lost. FUCKKKKK.

It’s 5pm and you’re now desperate. You notice Racing Genk are 1.5 odds to beat Zulte Waregem. Fuck knows who they are but you’ll have a bit of that 1.5 because Genk are 3rd in the league and Zulte are 12th. SHITTTT. Another 0-0 draw. Desperation stations.

“You’re doing it because you’ve never actually thought of your options”

It’s now 7pm and it’s either a bit of La Liga or South American football. I’ve got to make my money back today. STOP. “I’ve got to make my money back today”. Who says? Is it the 24 hour betting police? This is where loads of punters really fuck up. This data in their brain that their head can’t hit their pillow without being profit, or at least try all night to cut your losses.
Sit back for a second. This ‘time’ thing is completely man made. Why the hell are you fixating on something having to happen in this fixed period? You’re doing it because you’ve never actually thought about better options. You don’t actually think there’s a better option. WRONG.

If you plan to make betting pay then you simply have to think longterm. Otherwise you will fail. I guarantee this.

Part of what’s to blame for what I’ve just explained is the inability to accept a loss. Now some of you might be thinking “I don’t mind losing bets” but the truth is probably far from it. This is called chasing and it’s another article another day. You will seethe that you lost your fist bet of the day and ever since then you’ve been playing catch up. Did it work out? Of course not. Or if it did work out for you today, all it’s done is make you even worse for the future as you will believe this is the way to go.

Lesson of the day: 24 hours is not a deadline.