The Chase – Will you ever learn?

The Chase – Will you ever learn?

The chase. Ohhhhh the chase. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, and people will carry on doing it until the end of days. Why oh why does it happen? Why am I so mentally weak? I’ll never do that again! Oh yes you will my friend, stop kidding yourself.

Chasing is the scum of the earth for gamblers. We hate it. We hate it so much that we keep on doing it time and time again. Crazy isn’t it. You know you’re doing it, you know you’re wrong to do it, but fuck it… One more bet could turn it all around. Nope, that’s complete bollocks.

The definition of chasing in the betting world: placing further bets after losing bets in an attempt to win back money already lost.

So, why is chasing bad? Chasing is bad because all sense goes out of the window. Your first bet of the day was a well thought out wager where you had value and info on your side. You placed a bet in accordance with your staking plan (very professional indeed). However this bet loses.

The right thing to do in this situation is absolutely nothing. You’ve lost a bet. So what? Your sensible staking plan protects you from over exposing yourself and your loss was only a small one. Simply move on to the next bet using exactly the same criteria as the losing one. But no…..

Instead you’ll look at the next list of games just about to kick off. Fuck doing any research. Have a quick scan of Twitter and see who the ‘tipsters’ are backing. Sweet. Lump on that and all will be good.

  • Mistake #1 – You’re in a rush to win your losses back
  • Mistake #2 – Your criteria for research has gone out the window
  • Mistake #3 – Your staking plan goes to pot and you’re putting on too much money because you’re pressurising yourself to win back money lost

Sounds pathetic doesn’t it. But that’s what you do. Imagine how much better you would feel if you could actually handle the initial loss. Imagine that you could just shrug your shoulders and say “never mind, the next good bet won’t be far away and I’m going to find it”.

Truth is, you probably don’t even have a staking plan do you? If you don’t have a staking plan then you don’t know how much you should be betting. If you don’t know how much you should be betting then you are always going to be erratic and your betting balance will be going up and down like a whore’s drawers until you’ve lost everything.

Question yourself. Why do you put yourself through this? It’s completely unnecessary. Retrain your mind. A loss will ALWAYS occur. The key to this game is winning more than you lose with controlled stakes in line with your bankroll over the LONGTERM. Try and do it any other way and you are on the road to betting oblivion.

Do it now. Think about it. It will save you money. It could actually make you money.