Both Teams to Score Tips Introducing @AssassinBets – A Professional Gambler Now Advising Online

Introducing @AssassinBets – A Professional Gambler Now Advising Online

For those of you that follow GGT on Twitter you’ve probably already heard me banging on about the prowess of @AssassinBets in many of my tweets over the last 5 days or so. There is a fully valid reason for this though. The guy is absolute mustard and has helped me win thousands of pounds over the last couple of years.

The Assassin has been a close friend of mine for around 4 years. We became friends through our love of gambling at a fairly serious level. We exchanged information and betting advice which led to us meeting up for drinks to discuss taking our betting to the next level. For around 3 years now the Assassin has been a full time professional earning a great living through online sports betting.

The reason I’m so keen on getting his name out there is that I’m fully aware of his setup and knowledge and I’ve never come across this in the past. His contacts and work ethic are unbelievable. He’s put so much into betting that he’s completely ignored all forms of social media accounts in the past as he thought he’d lose value in his own bets and that too much time would be wasted through tweeting and updating statuses. Fortunately I’ve managed to convince him to share the love. I’m sure it’s a decision he’ll come to love.

So, a little bit about him (but not too much – he’s a pretty private guy, hence the name Assassin) :

  • He’s 28 years old and from London.
  • Had his first bet at 15 years old and got the bug. Realised quickly that knowledge was power and set off on his journey despite holding down full time education and part time jobs.
  • Began staking pretty large amounts in 2010 after building a hefty betting bankroll.
  • Gave up full time work in 2012 to concentrate on betting.
  • Opened social media accounts for the first time in February 2015.

There we are. Some general information about the Assassin. All I can say is that if you intend on making long term profits from betting in a disciplined manner then you simply have to follow this man’s bets. You don’t often get the information that a professional gets this readily. Grab it with both hands and make money with him. I have been for years!

How to follow

The Assassin now has Twitter and Facebook profiles. You can follow him by hitting the links below:

@AssassinBets on Twitter

AssassinBets on Facebook (personal profile). A secret group is in production.