Fuck Off Ref! Against Modern Football? Look Away Now…

Against Modern Football? Look Away Now…

What the fuck has happened to our sport?

The first thing I saw when logging onto the internet this morning was a story on a new beer. Now, Carlsberg don’t do cringeworthy beers (OK, that’s debatable)… but if they did, it would probably be Vardy Volley.

That’s right, they’ve named a beer after Jamie Vardy. I’m all up for getting on the party bus and cheering the Leicester when he scores, but Jesus wept. You’ve gotta be some sort of wet towel to ask for a pint of that in your local. Luckily, I don’t live in Leicester and won’t have to worry.

Once upon a time, that would’ve been the worst story of the month. This in 2016, though, and we didn’t even reach the end of the day before something even more tragic came along.

What would you do if your team was 90 minutes away from a Europa League semi-final? According to certain fans at the Liverpool v Dortmund game, the answer is wear an abomination of a half-and-half football shirt.

If you’ve not seen it yet, have a quick look on Twitter. It’s probably the worst thing I’ve seen since Two Girls, One Cup (if you haven’t seen that yet, count your blessings). Like that grimly explicit video, those images won’t be easy to erase.

Sadly, though, I didn’t even think for one second that the half-and-half monstrosity could be a photoshop prank. In today’s climate, the idea of some supporters doing this doesn’t even make us bat an eyelid. And Dortmund are meant to be one of the best sets of fans in the world.

All we need now is to see Spurs and Arsenal fans cheering Leicester on to the title.