Fuck Off Ref! I’d Love Pulis To Get Sacked… And You Should Too

I’d Love Pulis To Get Sacked… And You Should Too

In the modern climate of trigger-happy owners, nobody ever wants to see a manager get sacked – unless it’s a failing head coach at their own cub. However, despite having no affiliation to West Brom whatsoever, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy seeing Tony Pulis in the Premier League.

Ultimately, football is a results business and the 58-year-old Welshman has a great knack of keeping clubs in the division. In some ways, he falls into the category of Big Sam and must be a dream for owners of bottom half Premier League outfits. But his football is just so god damn boring.

Thursday’s dismal showing at Arsenal was the latest in a long line of tedious Baggies performances. Ok, it’s against one of the better sides. But West Brom aren’t going down. Surely the manager should have been looking to entertain those fans that put their money in their pocket for a midweek trip to London. I don’t care who you are, one shot on target is tragic.

I can’t speak for the whole Baggies nation, but I know a handful of loyal fans that have stopped going over the past year and it’s all thanks to one man. Honestly, I can’t blame them. Insomniacs aside, nobody in their right mind would pay good money to watch the weekly borefest.

This isn’t the first time Pulis has done this. We all remember how ‘enjoyable’ Stoke were to watch. And Palace. For a man that’s spent almost a decade managing teams in the most entertaining league in the world, he’s done literally fuck all entertaining.

Again, I accept that it’s a results business. But come on. Pulis has an attacking trio of Saido Berahino, Rickie Lambert and Salomon Rondon at his disposal and they’ve managed 12 goals all season. Twelve.

Football should be about drama, entertainment and the spectacle. We live for those moments that get us off our seats. If I was watching a Pulis side, the only reason I’d be leaving my seat would be to go drown my sorrows with a few pints.

That bloody cap looks stupid too.