Fuck Off Ref! The Award For Worst Kit Of 2016/17 Goes To….

The Award For Worst Kit Of 2016/17 Goes To….

Bristol City probably won’t top many polls, but I’m pretty sure many fans will be picking it as their most hated kit of next season. And I’ll be joining them because it’s an absolute car crash of a kit.

At a glance, the Championship club’s new shirt design is pretty much what you’d expect. The red top carries a white trim and displays the badge and a sponsor. But hold your horses, what the fuck is that on the shoulder?

#MakeBristolProud … How about #FuckOff?

Social media plays a massive role in society, and I’ve no issue with a hashtag making it way into marketing schemes. But the club kit is sacred thing of beauty. It’s an item that thousands of people all identify with. I’ll concede, it’s not quite the eye sore that Chelsea’s ‘94 away kit was, but I just can’t understand how someone in the design department thought this would be a good idea.

What a way to open the new look 27,000-seater Ashton Gate. You’re gonna have hundreds of kids and adults standing around with that phrase splattered across their chests. What a bunch of little Tweets.

I’m not a massive fan of the return to all red shorts and socks either, but can deal with that. Long gone are the days when a team’s colour choice or logos really rile me, especially when I don’t support the club. But this social media malarky is just another example of where we’re heading. I’m all for evolving with the times, but items like kits and stadium names should be free from marketing schemes.

I’ve no doubt that there will be more shocking kits revealed over the coming weeks, but I can’t see any of them being as bad as Bristol City’s. And it’ll probably cost £50. The Robins bastards.