Fuck Off Ref! An Open Letter To Chelsea Re: Diego Costa

An Open Letter To Chelsea Re: Diego Costa

Dear Chelsea Football Club,

Thank you for the nine month comedy show that you’ve provided us this season. We have thoroughly enjoyed laughing at your constant failings; moody Mourinho getting the sack certainly raised a smile while your Premier League title defence was one of the best jokes that the world of football has ever produced. Sadly, the time for fun and games has ended and you need to take serious action. For the love of God, please get rid of Diego Costa.

Over the past few years, your club has subjected us to sex scandals between teammates, racism rows involving both players and fans, and misogyny towards important staff members. Whilst all those things, combined with the way your owner bought the league, has made it oh so easy to dislike your team, the club has at least retained our respect on the pitch. Nobody could ever deny that the likes of Didier Drogba, John Terry, Frank Lampard and co haven’t lit up the league, particularly during its most successful period just under a decade ago. Unfortunately, any admiration for the star-studded team has quickly evaporated; Diego Costa is the chief reason.

Costa’s tendency to attract fracas last term wasn’t a problem. Many of the world’s top stars boast that hot streak of anger; Eric Cantona and Luis Suarez are just two prime examples of football genius to be impacted by those issues. With those players, though, those moments of brilliance excuse (to some extent) the negative episodes. In 2015/16, those sentiments were true of Costa too. He was the driving force to spearhead your club to its first title in half-a-decade last season, and many would attribute those triumphs to the bite in his game. Sadly, the word ‘bite’ is also the operative word as to why you simply must get rid of him this summer.

Whether Costa did or didn’t sink his teeth into Gareth Barry on Saturday is irrelevant. The thought clearly crossed his mind, and was more than deserving of his first red card in England. Quite frankly, given his antagonistic approach and constant attempt to fight opposing players, it’s amazing that it took so long for him to break that particular duck. Some of the stamps, ‘tackles’ and aggressive behaviours that he has displayed over the past two years have no place in the modern game. Meanwhile, the reactionary spit at Goodison Park was just the latest reason to dislike the striker and, therefore, your club.

Again, this would be almost forgiveable if Costa was helping you to success. However, this campaign has been an utter embarrassment from start to finish, and Costa’s petulance is arguably the most pathetic factor of all. Unlike last season, where his antics wound up opponents, opponents seem immune to his behaviour. On the pitch, the only skin he seems to get under is his own. Off of it, though, he gets on the tits of everyone. And just think, you could’ve just kept faith in Romelu Lukaku.

We’re tired of seeing Costa’s old-looking face hurtling towards an opponent for no reason whatsoever. We’re tired of talking about his nonsense approach to football. And we’re tired of seeing him turning out for a club that he clearly has no desire to play for.

For the good of English football, as well as your club, please get rid of him this summer.


The Football Family

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