Fuck Off Ref! And The Bizarre Football Story Of The Week Goes To….

And The Bizarre Football Story Of The Week Goes To….

…Fabian Delph. However, it’s not the fact that he sees ghosts that blew our mind; it’s the fact he’s still knocking about.

Quite frankly, we’d forgotten all about the Manchester City man. He’s stuttered start to life at the Etihad had seen him fall right off the radar. In fairness, the 26-year-old has been injured at times, but simply seeing his name this week made us think “oh yeah, Fabian Delph”.

Apparently he sees ghosts. Delph might have seen his hopes of Euro 2016 action die a death over the course of a campaign that’s included just five Premier League starts, but unless it’s the ghost of seasons past, this story is absolute bollocks.

At first, we thought this was a late April Fools prank but Delph is adamant that he’s seen around four ghosts in his time. Call us cynical, but if we’d seen a ghost, we’d probably remember it. Delph’s haziness casts further doubts to the story. Then again, the midfielder does have a history of being forgetful. After all, he turned up for the Etihad forgetting that he’d committed his future to Villa just days earlier.

The one sighting that Delph can remember was when he saw a ghost carrying a body, which is just baffling. Maybe he was with former teammate Gabriel Agbonlahor in Dubai; that’s the only explanation we can think of for this ridiculous story.

Where’s Karl Pilkington when you need him?