Fuck Off Ref! Fuck Off Michael Oliver!

Fuck Off Michael Oliver!

Before starting, I should point out that I am not an Arsenal fan. In fact, the next post on this section of ToePunter is likely to concern the Gunners supporters. However, I have to feel a little sorry for Arsene Wenger’s men because Michael Oliver is a knobhead.

On the face of it, most neutrals will be thrilled with the 2-2 draw between Spurs and Arsenal, especially as Leicester were able to extend their lead by grinding out an important three points at Watford. Nevertheless, there’s nothing more frustrating than walking away from a massive Premier League fixture questioning a referee decision. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty common feature when Michael Oliver is in charge.

Well done mate, you’ve made the game about you once more.

Even Arsenal fans can’t complain about the red card of Francis Coquelin. It was a stupid and rash decision to go to ground and he had to go. Meanwhile, goal line technology saved the wanker in the black from needing to make a major decision shortly after. But the one thing we demand from referees is consistency, particularly in such a monumental fixture; Mr Oliver provides about as much as my arse in the morning after a night out on the Guinness and Jaeger bombs.

The home fans might not like to admit it, but 35,000 people could see that Eric Dier deserved a second booking. It was the worst attempt at a subtle pull since that Spanish referee tried to ask a female player out for coffee in the middle of a game. Nobody like to see needless dismissals but Dier deserved to go too, particularly as Coquelin’s first booking was for a similarly cynical gesture.

We’ll never know whether it would’ve made a difference. However, it would be nice to have a big match pass by without these questions emerging. It’s hard not to sympathise with refs sometimes, particularly as us viewers get 10 replays to form a decision. But this was one where the decision couldn’t be easier. Don’t be surprised if Mr Oliver is relegated to the Football League next weekend.

Sadly, he wasn’t even alone in making poor decisions as Anthony Taylor got three penalty decisions wrong at Goodison Park. Honestly, some of these modern day refs even make Uriah Rennie look competent.

Ah well, at least the continued shambles provides some office talk on Monday morning.