Fuck Off Ref! Is Cheltenham Pissgate Really Newsworthy Material?

Is Cheltenham Pissgate Really Newsworthy Material?

As football fans, we all love the comprehensive coverage of football from the media. We have the joy of living in a world where the papers, TV and internet allow us to drag up match reports, player data and video highlights in a matter of seconds. We’re plugged into the world of football on a 24/7 basis, and we wouldn’t change it for anything. But there are some things that we really don’t need to see.

For the modern football, sacrificing anonymity is a part of the deal. They know that they’re going to be in the spotlight on a 24/7 basis. With this in mind, Samir Carruthers’s decision to piss into a pint glass at Cheltenham on Tuesday was as well calculated as the Britney’s head shave fiasco in 2007. Seriously, though, did it need to make the news?

Footballers are role models and, of course, we deserve to know about serious things such as the Adam Johnson or Ched Evans cases. But a group of blokes in their young 20s being laddish at the races does not need reporting.

Even at the Football League level, which Carruthers and pals James Collins and Luke Ayling are, these young lads are removed from normal life. Ok, throwing it over the balcony was regrettable, but we’ve all seen worse on a Saturday night out at the local nightclub. The fact it’s escalated to the point where public apologies have been required is a truly sad indictment of society right now.

Let’s not forget, this is a week where we’ve seen terrorism in Turkey as well as a car bomb in Berlin. There’s also been huge political movements in our country. Even in the world of football, we’ve had Champions League action, managerial sackings and plenty more to sink our teeth into. Yet, somehow, pissgate has been the been talking point.

Boys will be boys. Nobody got hurt, and it wasn’t even that offensive. Alright, they did something wrong. But can we not just keep these things private?

If you was genuinely offended or outraged, then I think that says more about you.

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