Fuck Off Ref! WTF Are West Ham Doing?

WTF Are West Ham Doing?

I don’t know how many of you know, but I’m a West Ham fan. As far as matters on the pitch are concerned, I’m a very happy Hammer indeed. It’s mid-March and we’re still in with a shot at a trophy and Champions League qualification, although I do think the latter is unlikely.

Off the pitch, it’s a mixture of excitement for the move to Stratford and sadness that we’re leaving Boleyn. Leaving a place that has provided you with so much joy in your life is always difficult but long-term, every Hammer knows that the move will lift us to the next level. The club owners and staff have to be commended.

But they can FUCK RIGHT OFF when it comes to merchandise.

Earlier this season, I was left bemused by the bobble heads of David Gold and David Sullivan. I’m not really one for buying club merchandise, although I do own a pair of slippers, a mug, and a scarf. Despite my personal preferences, I understand why a lot of fans like the shirts, golf equipment etc. But figures in the shape of the owners, with a wobbly head, for £12.99 a pop. Get the fuck out of here!

I thought that would be the worst piece of merchandise I’d ever see at West Ham, or indeed any other club. I was wrong. We’ve reached a new low: foam hands in the shape of the Boleyn Ground. Seriously, this is not a joke. Someone in the marketing department thought it would be wise to design a foam hand in the shape of a football stadium. AND CHARGE SIX QUID FOR IT! The worst thing of all is that I know some cretins will actually buy it.

At a time when we’re all disappointed by ticket prices, you need your head looking at if you’re one of them.

Whatever happened to being happy with a programme and a pint?

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