Fuck Off Ref! You Won’t Believe What Manchester City Are Doing Now!

You Won’t Believe What Manchester City Are Doing Now!

We’ve all seen regular images of a half-empty Etihad. In fact, they tend to circulate through social media on a bi-weekly basis. Even their cup final support against Liverpool seemed a little underwhelming, and rival fans love ribbing the blue half of Manchester over the failed attempts at attracting the fanbase that a team of their size should.

But the Citizens have really outdone themselves this time.

As we all know, Manuel Pellegrini’s men are on the verge of reaching the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time in their history. It’s big news and could seal a little piece of history for the club. Given the common misconception that Manchester is Blue, you’d think they’d at least sell out for this monumental clash with Dynamo Kiev right? I mean, surely all those locals are desperate to land a ticket.

Oh wait, no, the club are now, as per the Daily Mail, running a special train service to and from London to help supporters from the capital. Yes, it’s a nice gesture in theory. But it really does make a joke of their lacking support once more. Is it really that difficult to gain local interest for one the biggest games in their history?

Or maybe it’s a stroke of genius and the club are preparing to steal the Chelsea glory hunters that must be looking to jump ship given their dreadful campaign.

Either way, it’s such a huge gaff by the club that it could probably feature in a Danny Baker DVD.

I think we’ll just stick with BT Sport.


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